Focus on your company as a whole instead of individual assets. Use our software to keep tabs on your assets. Make a detailed log of equipment check-out, create an unlimited number of custom fields, and download our Excel template. Upload it to start managing your assets in minutes.

Intelligent Dispatching

Quickly locate and dispatch the nearest mobile worker with the right skills and vehicle for the job. Filter by attributes or tags and sort by distance. Right-sized dispatch reduces per-mile costs and double-handling of jobs.

Asset Utilization

By monitoring all high-value assets you’ll know quickly which equipment could be getting you a better return. Relocate or sell unused assets, and help improve the ROI on what you’ve got.

Planned Alerts

Choose the condition that triggers the alert (speeding, idling, harsh braking, etc.) and who receives it. For example, if you want drivers to slow down in the rain or snow, trigger a lower-limit speeding alert when the vehicle's wipers are active.


You're constantly on the move, but that shouldn't affect your asset management. Use your smartphone or tablet to scan barcodes, take pictures, tag assets, and even establish parent-child relationships. Easily add and edit any asset you need, in your home, office, or warehouse.


Set reminders and alarms for assets that require regular maintenance, assets that are past due, contracts and licenses that are about to expire, and many others features. Avoid risks and handle problems before they impact your network.

Route Control

Replay one or more vehicle's route history for specific dates and follow the actual route taken by drivers. Displays specific events as part of the route replay, such as speeding or stops, and shows history alongside other dri


SSL Encryption protects data as it transfers from your computer, tablet, or smartphone to our servers. Layers of intrusion detection prevent unwanted access to your data. We use the finest servers in the market, along with top-tier hosting services to safeguard your data.


Our secure cloud-based system lets you focus on your assets. We're continually evolving to meet and exceed customers' expectations, advances in technology, and the world around us. Our system frees you from running tests or upgrades, saving you costly IT overhead.


View predefined reports which include statements about your assets to help clean up your workload. Add information about status, depreciation, maintenance, check-out times, and more. Save and reuse an unlimited number of custom reports to get the most out of your data.